6 Safe Ways to Travel during Covid

With the holidays just around the corner and pandemic fatigue setting in, US travelers are eager to get out of their homes and hit the road. But with the pandemic continuing to spread across the country, many states currently experiencing spikes in cases, and a new wave potentially on its way, safety is most important at the moment.


For those Wondering if it says to travel right now, the answer is no, yes and maybe. It really depends on a bunch of different variables,namely, how you plan to do so, where you want to go, rate of infections in that destination and your behavior once you arrive.

To help you guys better understand travel at the moment we researched all the rules, regulations and everything the experts have said to get you back on the road. One thing we learned is Travel is really weird right now but it is more than ready to welcome you!

Here are 5 ways to have safe vacation during a pandemic: 

1.) Book a socially distant hotel stay

If you are one of the people that swear by staying at hotels, make sure the property has announced their cleaning measures and when arriving look for signs that they are keeping up with the procedures. Some are even promoting being Covid-Friendly Hotels with special deals at the moment. When choosing a spot consider picking a place with more open space and outdoor activities.
2.) Consider booking an Airbnb or something similar

After breaking down the risks of both hotels and vacation rentals such as Vrbo or Airbnb, the doctors and experts agreed private vacation homes are safer than hotels because they come with fewer person-to-person interactions.

"While there is no question hotels are working diligently to keep their hotels clean and sanitized, Airbnb has a huge advantage given that the renter is generally the only one occupying the property," said, Dr. Neil Brown. "With Airbnb's new Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, the company provides a better option than public hotel spaces … Double-check to see if the host is participating in the program," he said.

Additionally, the CDC's current lodging guidelines note that private vacation rentals with members of your own household are a safer option than hotels or staying with family.

3.) Road Trip
Remember when planning a road trip simply meant queueing up a great playlist and stocking up on snacks? These days, they're one of the safer ways to travel while limiting exposure, especially compared to planes, trains, and other mass transit. And should you feel any discomfort, or worse, become sick, you can hop back in the car and drive home.

4.) Camping somewhere remote

If you want to get away and embrace nature, but feel uncomfortable checking into a hotel or private lodging, there are plenty of other outdoor options from camping to glamping that make it easy to avoid crowds. Book a home on wheels or pack your gear into the car and pitch a tent. These ideas all afford a charming level of rustic charm where you can control just how much, or little, you encounter the rest of the world.

5.) Work with a travel agent-

While many travelers previously booked travel independently, some are returning to travel agents. These seasoned professionals have spent years in the business and are well-equipped to help clients identify viable locations with vetted, flexible policies. They may also have better insights into new practices at specific hotels to help determine how clean and safe they will be, and whether facilities and amenities may be impacted. Their advice is to plan now, travel later (most of their clients are looking to travel between March and May of 2021), book refundable options, be aware of cleaning policies, try to travel domestically or close to home, opt for socially distant places, take advantage of deals, and assess your own comfort level with risk before booking.


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*Information provided by Business Insider*

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