Hints and Help from the Travel Industry

Recently we interviewed Mary Ann Mckenzie of Your Travel Connection in Broomall PA. She gave her personal favorite spots on where to travel in the world. You can check out her agency at bookytc.com or visit them on FB @bookytc. 
1.  What is your favorite vacation spot?
HAWAII !  The Hawaiian islands are a perfect vacation spot for families, young adults and friends traveling.  The Hawaiian islands have so much to offer travelers, many places of interest, many beautiful beaches, great restaurants, and very friendly people and of course, all in the USA.
2. What was one of your favorite memories of this spot?
Actually there are many but two are the best...the climb up Diamond Head which is Hawaiian state park , then going through the tunnel and what a wonderful view of Ohau. Also a favorite memory is on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, Haleakala, which is an inactive volcano..fabulous!
3. Do you have any tips for this spot?
For Diamond Head you can go on your own or take the Waikiki trolley.   For Haleakala, you can go on your own with a rental car....no need for a tour.   Best at sunset!  But be sure to leave a soon as the sun starts setting!  Fabulous!
4. Advice you wish you had before you planned a trip?
Make the vacation longer!!!!!
(This is the first part of a series that we are running about traveling during Covid, personal favorites and advice from Industry Professionals or as I would say professional vacationers.)

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