Top 3 things to do in the Grand Canyon

With our new collection comes, a new series about national parks! With our newest design coming out soon, we decided to give you the top 3 things to do in Grand Canyon! Starting off with: 

Grand Canyon Village Station - Picture of El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon  National Park - Tripadvisor

1.) Grand Canyon Village

Grand Canyon Village is the most popular entryway into the park and, as such, often suffers from heavy crowds during the peak seasons in spring, summer and fall. But there's a reason the area is so appealing. It's home to Yavapai Point, one of the best places to view the canyon. If you don't like camping but want to stay within the park, you should consider looking for lodging here.

Grand Canyon Rapids - Grand Canyon Whitewater

2.) Colorado River Rafting

To see the Grand Canyon from a different point of view, consider taking a rafting trip down the Colorado River. If you're not up for an adventurous whitewater experience, consider a daytrip with a company like Glen Canyon Float Trips, which offers half-day and full-day trips in the northeastern section of the canyon on calm waters.

Grand Canyon Skywalk -

3.) Grand Canyon Skywalk

One of the more controversial additions to the Grand Canyon's surroundings, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a large, semi-circular bridge with a transparent glass floors, allowing tourists to walk 70 feet out over the canyon and view the floor from a truly unique vantage point – 4,000 feet above. The Skywalk lies outside of the park on the grounds of the Hualapai Indian Tribe. Purists initially criticized the construction of the Skywalk, claiming it ruined the area's natural aesthetic. Still, the attraction has drawn thousands of visitors since opening in 2007.



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