Top 5 Places to Visit in the US

Are you looking for places to add to your bucket list? We have a few in mind for you. From amazing landscapes to great experiences, this list will have someplace for everyone. 

Grand Canyon officials say tourists are still going to the rim's ...

1.) Grand Canyon - What else could be number one. If you want to experience the true beauty of this country, you have to check this out! The Colorado River runs through the canyon, which makes it great for whitewater rafting. If that doesn't suit you then you can walk among the numerous paths in canyon. Regardless of what you do the sheer beauty of it will make the trip worth it.

Waterfalls are roaring this spring in Yosemite National Park

2.) Yosemite-  If your are obsessed with nature, then this is perfect for you. Spend time checking out famous landmarks like Glacier point or Half dome. You'll also want to make time for countless water falls, including Yosemite Falls, one of the largest in the world. You also do not have to camp, you can drive from San Fran or Sacramento.

Yellowstone National Park | Plan Your Trip to Yellowstone

3.) Yellowstone-  Americas first national park does not disappoint. From the bubbling hot springs to the steaming geysers to the hiking trails that span 900 miles, this place is amazing. It is also a great place for animal lovers, because this place is packed full of them. 

 Travel guide: Where to save and splurge in Maui, Hawaii

4.) Maui- Want a place to go and just relax? Well here it is. You can spend your days lounging on beach, going snorkeling, or flying in a helicopter. The seafood here is to die for and the haupia(coconut custard) is amazing.

New York City aims to reduce building collision risk for birds ...

5.) New York City- This city has so much to do that it puts other cities to shame.  Whether you spend the day trying all the different cuisines, checking out landmarks or watching a show on Broadway, you will never be bored. Want nature on your trip too? Go check out Central Park. This city literally has everything.


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